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Excavating Company in Marathon, WI.

Miller Excavating has been servicing the needs of Central and Northern WI since 2002. We are locally owned and operated and staffed to make your commercial and industrial projects successful and your dreams a reality. Call us today at 715-581-3893.

Excavating Services

  •  Demolition
  •  Permitting - DNR, Corp of Engineers, local county and townships
  •  Foundations
  •  Ponds
  •  Culverts
  •  Driveways
  •  Wooded Trails
  •  Landscaping
  •  Ground Clearing
  •  Site Clearing
  •  Design Services
  •  Rock Retaining Wall Systems
  •  New Construction
  •  Fire Demolition
  •  Silo Demolition
  •  Commercial Excavation
  •  Industrial Excavation
  •  Sand Mounds (Certified Plumber)
  •  Holding Tanks
  •  Pools - Above or in ground